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  Washington D.C.
Metropolitan Police
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma. 
Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
The M.P.D.C.  web site has taken me hundreds of hours of work to reach where it is now. Although I have put so much into none of this would have been possible if not for the help of current and retired members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police. This page has two intentions, the first is to acknowledge those who have helped provide me with information and to correct improper information on the site. It is important to me to provide as much accurate information to the site as possible. Much of what is on this here is because of those of you who do  or did wear the M.P.D.C. patch. Please feel free to submit a favorite photo of yourself for me to place on the page as well as your years of service ect.

The second is to thank those of you who have donated MPDC keepsakes to me for my private M.P.D.C. Collection. Currently my collection is packed up because I have sold my house. I am currently looking  for a new home, for me a priority with a new house is my man cave / mini -museum.  I will have badges , patches, pictures, batons, wanted posters and more to display. I am always looking to add to this so donations are very much welcome. When I have accomplished this I will display my M.P.D.C. collection on this site.  Donations will be photographed and displayed on this page in the future, right now my life is packed up, sorry..
1 & 2 -Anne has been giving me guidance with this site since day one. Anne has done research for me  as well as confirming and correcting many of my mistakes.  Much of this site was reviewed by her, and her guidance has been priceless. 
Anne Halcombe Clayton-  MPDC  1969 - 1976 
Nick Breul - MPDC Retired Lieutenant 1987 - 2013  M.P.D.C. -Department Historian
1- Lt. Breul has been very helpful by providing me with much information and photographs for the site.  I add as many photographs on the site as possible because I believe it helps people understand better as well as reminisce the good times, many were sent to me by Lt. Breul. 
As the MPDC historian Lt. Breul help me confirm a lot of rumors into facts. Lt. Breul is also very much involved in the current project to build a M.P.D.C. Memorial & Museum.
Since there are so many folks I have interacted with over the years of building this site I know I will be forgetting a few. Please do not take offense if I have not included you on this page.  Please feel free if you would like to be added or removed from this page...
Ray Eluhow - Retired 4th District Reserve Commander
1 & 2 - Ray is the one Reserve officer who has stayed in contact with me on a regular basis. I have been given several nice pieces for my collections by Ray as well as tons of information.
Jim Blickensdorf -  Michigan PD
Jim has been very helpful in providing me with proper information on the MPDC Traditional Badge. Traditionals are his passion  and he has directed me an awful lot.
Don Blake - MPDC  Retired 1964 to 1985
George Wilson - MPDC Retired R.I.P.
George is second from the right
George was my initial contact back in the early 90's. he was kind to me and gave me lots of information. In his career he was very important in maintaining the history of the M.P.D.C.
Don provided me with a great deal of information and corrections for the site. Don also helped me get one of the most recognized pieces in my collection.. Don served at the rank of Detective as well as Sergeant / Lieutenant. He spent much of his career investigating robberies, kidnappings and many other serious crimes. During Don's career he received over 100 commendations. Currently Don is  involved in many police related organizations including the committee working on building a M.P.D.C. Police Memorial / Museum. Don retired as a Lieutenant and will be a Detective at heart for the rest of his days...
Here are a few folks I talk to on occasion who have helped out as well
Joe Duffy  -  Steve O'Dell  -  Robert Glover  -  Matt Morris  -  Richard Kennedy  -  Francis Allman  -  Rich Vangazo  -  Creig Doyle  -  Robyn Szewczyk  -  Jeff Tolliver

​Gary Provenzano  -  Tony Kalicki  -  Eddie Montague (R.I.P. my friend)  -  And many - many more....
Recently I was sent a parcel from Retired Sgt.  William Nisbitt a retired M.P.D.C. officer.  I was sent batons, pins patches, pins and much more. These items will be helpful in trying to complete displays I am working on. Thank you Sgt. Nisbitt for trusting me with your keep sakes. They will be displayed with pride and honor. 
In 2012 I was anonymously sent a parcel with old newspaper articles in it from the 70's.  This included a front page article when M.P.D.C. Officer Gail Cobb was murdered.  Gail was the first female, black female, killed in the line of duty with the M.P.D.C. Officer Cobbs must be remembered... 
I have had the newspaper professionally framed and it will hang in my M.P.D.C. collection.
Site Acknowledgments             AND                    My MPDC Collection

A Special thank you goes to the memory of M.P.D.C. Private  John F. Parker. For had he not decided to go for a drink just before President Lincoln was shot, my interest would not have been drawn to so much American History....
Ray is on the left.
Although this site prefers to remain non-political, I do believe it is important to recognize the hard working men and women within the D.C. Metropolitan Police Union. These folks help to protect the members of the M.P.D. from being abused by those who do not like the Police.  The union often goes unappreciated and over worked, many hours are put in on their own time to benefit their fellow officers. 

Please support these folks as they work very hard to keep you safe. They have a great web site that you should consider visiting. there is a great deal of information on there that you may find helpful.
D.C. Police Union
Blacksheep Productions
    Established 2009