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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police                          M.P.D.
                 Novelty  Patches
BlackSheep Productions 2009
What is a NOVELTY PATCH ? A Novelty patch is a patch not authorized by the department. There are unit novelty patches, patches for fund raisers, patches for lost officers and the list goes on and on. For the purpose of this site a NOVELTY PATCH is a patch NOT WORN or issued by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. Since I am not a member of the  M.P.D.C. I may need some assistance in correcting a possible mistake
Contact Us
Please send pictures of patches I do not have on these pages
I have not got the below patches in my collection, I would be very grateful in any assistance in obtaining any these.
Donations are always welcome, appreciated and well remain in this collection.

P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma. 02035
The Original Death City Patch
Only 150 of these were made for the MPD 150th Anniversary
M.P.D.C. Challenge Coins
This is the current version which became the famous one.. It was changes quickly after the original
This is a prototype patch that was intended to go on the side of the C.D.U. helmets. For some crazy reason, it was denied ?? Go figure..