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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police                         M.P.D.
    Uniforms of the Past and Present
Photograph From the M.P.D. 150th Anniversary Book
150th Anniversary Book
150th Anniversary Book
150th Anniversary Book
150th Anniversary Book
150th Anniversary Book
This page is a combination of uniforms past and present that have been worn by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police.  This and will always be a work in progress. I will try to place them in order of when they were worn but information on this is limited to me.  Text, photos and information on this subject will always be welcome. Please don't hesitate to correct any errors I may have made. All I ask is that you provide the proper information for me to correct my mistake.
BlackSheep Productions 2009
Today's C.D.U. outfit
Air Support of the 70's
Hand Restraints:
This is an old overcoat with a patch #13, this is believed to be for the Precinct the officer is assigned to.
Female Uniforms:
Motorcycle Uniform:
I would be very grateful for any donations made to my collection. Any donations made will remain IN the collection. If requested the item and a story can be placed on the web site
It has been difficult to keep track of a 3,000+ person department that is 150 years old and their uniforms. I would be grateful for any photos and factual information.
1940's Washington D.C.'s Clothing and Equipment aka Property Division
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Sample uniform for the 1960's M.P.D.