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 Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
                    Chief of Police
                Washington D.C.'s First Chief of Police of todays Police force was WILLIAM WEBB, he was appointed in 1861.

Chief Webb then titled Major Webb,  was the first Police Chief in the newly organized Metropolitan Police Force.  Webb was a practicing lawyer when he was appointed Chief of Police.It was under Webb that the Metropolitan Police investigated the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865. That very same year Webb retired as Police Chief and returned to his law practice.
Cathy l. Lanier    January 2007  /  September 2016
Cathy Lanier left the M.P.D.C. for a job running security for the NFL
Chief  Charles H. Ramsey  - April 1998  /  December 2006
Chief  Sonya Proctor  - November 1997  /   April 1998  - INTRIM
Chief Larry Soulsby  - July 1995  /  November 1997
Chief  Fred Thomas  - December 1992  /  July 1995
Chief  Issac Fulwood  - June 1989 / September 1992
Chief  Maurice J. Turner , Jr   -  July 1981  /  July 1989 
Chief   Burtell M. Jefferson  -  January 1978  /  June 1981
Chief  Maurice J. Cullinane  -  December 1974  /  January 1978
Chief  Jerry V. Wilson  -  August 1969  /  September 1974
Chief  John B. Layton  -  December 1964  /  July 1969

Chief  Robert V. Murry  -  December 1951 / December 1964

Chief  Robert J. Barrett  -  July 1947  /  December 1951

                                                       Chief  Harvey G. Callahan  -  February 1941  /  July 1946        Chief  Edward J. Kelly  -  November 1941  /  February 1946 

Chief  Ernest W. Brown -  October 1932  /  November 1941

Chief  Pelham D. Glassford  -  November 1931  /  October 1932

Chief  Henry G. Pratt  -  April 1929  /  November 1931

Chief  Edwin B. Hess  -   October 1925  /  April 1929

Chief  Daniel Sullivan  -  February 1922  /  October 1925

Chief  Harry L. Gessford  -  April 1920  /  December 1921

Chief  Raymond W, Pullman  -  April 1915  /  February 1920

Chief  Richard Sylvester  -  July 1898  /  April 1915

Chief  William C. Moore  -  December 1886  /  July 1898

Chief  Samuel H. Walker  - July 1886  /  December 1886

Chief  William M. Dye  -   April 1883  /  June 1886 

Chief  William  G. Brock  -  December 1879  /  April 1883

Chief  Thomas P. Morgan  -  February 1868  /  November 1879

Chief  A,C, Richards  - December 1864  /  January 1868

Chief  William B. Webb  -  September 1861  /  November 1864
BlackSheep Productions 2009
Chief's of Police
 for the M.P.D.
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma. 
Peter Newsham September 2016 January 2021
Robert J. Contee January 2nd, 2021 to Present:
On December 22, 2020, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that she selected Robert J. Contee III, to serve as Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department. He was sworn in as Acting Chief of Police on January 2, 2021. On May 4, 2021, he was officially confirmed Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Robert J. Contee joined the Metropolitan Police Department as a police cadet in November 1989. He became a sworn member of the Department three years later and quickly rose through the ranks, serving in a variety of assignments. He started as a patrol officer in the Third District, sergeant in the Second District, and the Metropolitan Police Academy. As a lieutenant, he served as a Patrol Services Area leader in the Second District, Regional Operations Command-East, and led the Intelligence Branch. In January 2004, Chief Contee was promoted to captain responsible for leading the Violent Crimes Branch, including the Homicide Branch and the Sexual Assault Unit.

Contee was promoted to Second District commander in August 2004 and was transferred to the Special Operations Division (SOD) in April 2006, where he was responsible for overseeing tactical patrol, special events and traffic safety functions. Following his post at SOD, Chief Contee became commander of the Sixth District in 2007, before taking command of the Recruiting Division in October 2014. He was named commander of the First District in January 2016, and was appointed Assistant Chief of MPD’s Professional Development Bureau in the summer 2016 where he oversaw the Human Resources Management Division, Disciplinary Review Division, the Metropolitan Police Academy, and Recruiting Division. In April 2017, Chief Contee was named Patrol Chief of Patrol Services South (PSS), which included his oversight of the First, Sixth, and Seventh Police Districts. He was named Assistant Chief of the Investigative Services Bureau (ISB), in March 2018. The ISB works with the community to solve crimes, bring offenders to justice, support the recovery of victims, and protect witnesses. It includes several divisions that are integral to supporting community safety. These divisions are the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), which includes the Homicide Branch and Sex Assault Unit; the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division (NSID), which provides proactive criminal enforcement services so that citizens can live in neighborhoods free from drug dealing, drug-related crime, and prostitution; the Crime Scene Investigations Division; Youth and Family Services Division; and the School Safety Division

Chief Contee grew up in the Carver Terrace community in Northeast, DC, and is a DC Public Schools graduate. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Police Science from George Washington University. He has also completed the Management College at the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration and the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) of the Police Executive Research Forum in Boston, Massachusetts.