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                  Obsolete Badges 
I hope to put a lot of pictures on here of yesterdays badges. Badges that represent the pride, honor and tradition of years past. From a time we only read about or hear about on television. Photos and explanations/stories are always welcome, as well as corrections.
Just some of the pages from the booklet Ken Lucas has put out.
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MPD 1800-1860
MPD 1861 - 1865
MPD 1866 - 1899
MPD 1900 - 1909
MPD 1910 - 1919
MPD 1920 - 1929
MPD 1930 - 1939
MPD 1940 - 1949
MPD 1950 - 1959
MPD 1960 - 1969
MPD 1970 - 1979
MPD 1980 - 1989
MPD 1990 - 1999
MPD 2000 - 2009
MPD 2010 -2014
MPD 2015 to Current
D.C. "The City"
MPD Police Academy
MPD's Police Chief's
MPD Police Week
MPD's Fallen Heroes
MPD's Warriors
MPD & The President
MPD's   Detectives
MPD Homicide Units
MPD's  S.O.D.
MPD's C.D.U.
MPD Harbor Unit
MPD K-9 Units
MPD Mounted Unit
MPD's Bomb Squad
MPD Communications
MPD's Current Fleet
MPD's Past Fleet
MPD's Motorcycle Unit
MPD's Bicycle Unit
MPD Air Support
MPD's Reserve Force
MPD's Irish History
MPD's  Afr. Amer
MPD Females
MPD's Facilities
MPD Call Box's
MPD Property Div...
MPD  Patrol Badges
MPD Rank Badges
MPD Hat Badges
MPD Obsolete Badges 
MPD Trad. Badge
MPD Inaugural Badge
MPD Spec. Evt Badge
MPD Current Patches
MPD  Obsolete Patches
MPD Novelty Patches
MPD Genealogy
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I am  looking for pictures of old D.C. Badges... I would be grateful for any help....
Obsolete Badges
BlackSheep Productions 2009
From the collection of James Blickensdorf
Ken Lucas has been a collector of police badges for almost four decades. He is one of the most educated people in the hobby of collecting badges and has over 30 books. Click above to see his latest piece, a web site dedicated to G-men. This site is published but a work in progress.
This photo provided by Ken Lucas is of a badge worn in the Police academy of the Washington D.C. metropolitan Police Department. it was worn between the years of 1941 and 1945
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Photo provided by ken Lucas. What may be the very first badge for Washington D.C.
Photo compliments of Ken Lucas
photo compliments of Ken Lucas
Photo compliments of Ken Lucas