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M.P.D. History & my visits over the years
BlackSheep Productions - 2009
History books on the D.C. Metropolitan Police I have collected. Photo copies are available upon request in turn for a piece of M.P.D. collectable. Photo copies of these books are available to trade for.
On the left is a Police Call Box from the city of  Washington D.C. This box is made of cast iron and was removed from the street's of D.C. under the watchful eye of the retired M.P.D. Officer that I received it from. He told me he had it in his basement for many years and decided to part with it.

On the right is that very same Police Call Box after getting it professionally restored. I waited to get an actual D.C. Call Box before investing the money is getting it restored, it was worth the wait. Next I would like to get a pedestal from D.C. to place it on. 
BEFORE                                                                              AFTER
WANTED, I am trying to pick up a PANORAMIC photograph of members of the M.P.D. to frame up professionally. To me these are classy old school photos that we will never see again. I would be proud to display a district photo....
     My M.P.D.C. Collection & Trips to D.C.

My collection evolving to what it is now.

My trips to DC since the early 90's

Just ONE MISSING, all I need to complete this set is the male/ female buckle with D C in the center of it.....
I never thought I would WANT a parking ticket, but here is a parking ticket from the 1930's
My collecting has been put on a slow burn for now. I am trying to focus on framing a lot of my collection in place of collecting. This is proving to be costly because it is being professionally framed not frames from Wal-Mart. However if I want my collection to be top notch with the respect it deserves I am going to have to do my best not to do it half-ass.
I am starting to collect M.P.D.C. coins. I picked up the ones below and would like to continue. Any assistance is welcome. the pictures are poor but I will replace them in the future.
Here and my lazy boy are where I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours researching and building this site over the past three years... 
Some of the fruits of my labor as well as all of the information I have obtained over the past couple years. I try to save EVERYTHING I am given for information, you never know when it might be needed. No I am not a horder:)
Hand painted - custom made from a pewter piece, this is a true skill few have but Hervey Cote does. I have a 2nd style on order now.
This was one of the first things I picked up back in the 90's. It is a metal sign for President Kennedy's Inauguration. My traditional collecting starts around 1961 because I was born in 1961. Also with President Kennedy and I being Irish and from Massachusetts....
Left and below: Books or photo copies of books where I get a lot of my information. The original books that are photo copied are stored for historical preservation 
Contact Us
Historical donations to my  M.P.D. collection would be very much appreciated.  I do not sell or trade any donations, it stays with the collection. Also, if a donation is made and you have information about a loved one who was /is a member of the MPD I would be glad to place photos of your donation on the site with some of it's history.

P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, MA. 02035
Books related to the D.C. - M.P.D.
The book my be fiction or non-fiction. Regardless i found it to be a good read so I placed it on here..
March 1st, 2019

Dear Friends,

My collection of M.P.D. history continues to grow and I couldn't do it without all of you.  Although the kids have slowed me down I am keeping up and always adding. Smaller things now but always adding. I welcome any donations of memorabilia to help preserve the history of this historic Police Department. The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police, signed into place by President Lincoln in 1861.

Chuck Gallagher
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma. 02035
E-mail me at:
This was my collection in my old house I sold last year. My next house will have a proper display area. I already have a  display 6 foot long display cases, my pictures are all being framed and I intend to display this history as professionally as i can afford to.
These four coins are currently available at the F.O.P. Lodge #1
Some photos of my trips to Washington D.C. over the years. from the late 80's up through 2018. I'm sure there will be more down the road. 
This, is how it use to look before Room 1861.
     to 2019's 
  "Room   1861"
This is an old DC Call Box and Traffic post (-1920's)
This is my MPDC Challenge Coin collection, there are still a lot out there I don't have. I never knew there were so many ...
One of my display cases with a 1940's M.P.D.C. sweater on top of it. Behind it are two large frames, one dedicated to Gail Cobb (K.I.A. - R.I.P.) and the other to the officers present when President Reagan was shot.
I have well over 50 pieces of M.P.D.C. history that I have had framed. Items that stretch from buttons to original photographs from the 1800's.  When I first started to frame my collection up I went to a local frame shop, WRONG ! I was later directed to Ara  Anjoorian who works out of Saugus Ma.  Ara does mainly sports memorabilia, television memorabilia and law enforcement memorabilia. He also does  frame work for the Mass. State Police Museum and WILL MAIL HIS WORK. I highly recommend him  he can get very busy you will have to ask about the turnover, (however he is also great with emergency pieces). I like to use plastic frames because they are lighter. I think Ara can frame almost ANYTHING.... Below is a variety of his work..
Of course there is my M.P.D.C. collection
The Movies
Classic Movies
Pre - 1996, While serving with the Transit Police in Boston, Ma
Graham Hempstead and I visited the Old 10th Precinct, the oldest operating precinct house, although now a sub station.
This is my very good friend Graham Hempstead, a retired police constable from London England. He is reflecting his 37 year career while respecting our lost officers.
Some years back I had the name of Fred Pettee added to the memorial. He is the only officer we at the Foxborough police have lost. He was killed by a driver while he was backing up State Police at an MVA
G.H. standing out the FOP just up the street from H.Q. and the Police Memorial
G.H. outside a scary place to be around these days...
I always come buy here in hope it will be open some time so I can take a look in, no luck
Me outside The Dubliner, a great place for Shepards Pie, a Guinness and great conversation.
Inside The Dubliner, L-R:  Dan Coss, Graham Hempstead, me and Tim Milloff
Around the corner from our hotel at National Harbor Graham runs into a home boy.
This is Graham, myself and Jim Cooke at the Marine Corps Museum. With Jim and I being Marines and Graham a Queens Guard, a pint was in full order. Here we sit at Tun Tavern doing just that !
The is me in front of the White House. We road a bunch of the police motorcycles from the area down for Police Week. The road was open as we had not yet been attacked in New York. Things have changed greatly since 9-11, sad things have not gotten much better either..
These two or of the range located at the Academy. There is a better set up here then any place I have seen. at any other PD or any gun club.
District  #8 from the roof tops
The gas chamber which is located at the Academy.  Above is the outside and below the inside. Very important part of training for the MPDC with all of the crowd control they have forced upon them.
A very humbling display within the M.P.D.C. Training Academy, R.I.P. 
Don't bother getting on it, there is no gas in it :)
The M.P.D.C. Training Academy
I have yet to make it past these doors, lol...
Outside the entrance to the Chiefs section of the building stands some old M.P.D.C. History. A very heavy call box and Police Log Book
These stands for the old Police Call Box's are very unique to cities across America. D.C. showed a lot of class and respect to have these made. I only wish I could fine one someday...
Standing outside the doors to the Chiefs section are L-R, Steve O'Dell, myself and Don Blake. Steve and Don are both retired M.P.D.C. and very well respected in the city.
Five of my fellow Transit Officers alongside two Somerville Officers attending Police Week. I am 3rd from the right.
Standing on the steps of the U.S. Capital Building. Yes I know my gig line is off...
It use to be a tradition to bring a cruiser door down or else yours would go missing, lol. Some great stories from Police Week in the old days. Notice the creative decorations..
The N.Y.P.D. band Boys-N-Blu were a big hit back when the stage set up was right by the memorial. Soon after this year they were forced to go to a D.J. and to hold this portion of Police week outside the down town area. It's much better down town but I can't blame them really..
Part of my British Police Section
My Inaugural and traditional Collection. I have split the two up and will be displaying them separate.
Part of my MPDC patch collection, although I have over 100 different patches I know I am missing 15-20
HOW     IT      BEGAN......
The bar is now HERE
View from behind where the bar is now.
The bar is now to the right side of photo
Original print from metal plate of MPD's 1st Chief, William Webb
Early turn of the century MPDC Motorcycle Stunt Team, original photos.