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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police 
" Maurice T. Turner Jr. Metropolitan Police Academy "
M.P.A. Location:
4665 Blue Plains Drive, SW
Washington, D.C.
Phone Number: 202.645,6669

The FIVE branches to the academy  are:

Academic Services Branch
Continuing Education Branch
Specialized Training Branch
Firearms Branch
Media Productions Branch
On occasion the Metropolitan Police will reach out to their Police Academy for assistance when man power and time are issues in a case. Usually they would be utilized to assist in a search of a large area such as fields or heavily wooded area's 
Officers of the M.P.D. will often have to deal with Civil Unrest.  Here you see recruits training for this, hopefully they are paying attention...
Private Oscar McKimmie was killed in the line of duty on January 17th, 1920 however he never received a gravestone. This recruit class researched Private McKimmie's death and out of their own pockets bought this headstone. At the service is a family member who received an American flag on his behalf. 
MPD Police Academy
BlackSheep Productions 2009
      THIS is where it all begins
I would like to ask the M.P.D. Academy to consider sending me their stories like this that they assign their classes.
Worn between 1941 and 1945
Officer Roy Thompson of the MPD provides some instructions and guidance.
What you see below is all the information / photos that I have on the firearms branch. Yup, that's it one single little picture. I don't even know what year this was taken. So any additional information and photos would be much appreciated.
Photo compliments of the M.P.D.
Past Classes
I found these two photos. The class photo was taken around July 1970. Note the tell tale grey uniform shirts – really ugly. In the background is the old police academy which was known as the T-buildings or just T-7 which was the main entrance. This was a complex of buildings which were WW II Navy-temporary buildings for training sailors located in Anacostia Park on the banks of the very, very polluted Anacostia River . Every roof leaked and electric wires hung down and fell down every week. One recruit officer retired on disability when a high voltage wire fell on his arm in class and he lost full use of the limb. The gym, a separate building was a disaster! The old wooden buildings creaked and groaned when you walked from one to another through the connecting covered ramps. There were many, many patched holes in the floor and weak window air conditioners which failed on the hottest days. The buildings were covered with some sort of fiber board that I am sure was made of asbestos.
(Sean Rogers)
These are the trophy winners from Classes 70-16 and 70-17 for the highest scores in academics, fitness and pistol shot. I am on the far left with a trophy for academics. I do not recall the next two officers (in order left to right, they won fitness and pistol shot trophies). I do not recall the Official who handed out the trophies in the center. I think he is the Commander of Technical Services which ran the academy. Next, to the Official’s left is the 70-16 winner of pistol shot trophy, James Morrissette, and then the 70-16 winner of the fitness trophy, J. C. Stamps, who later became the President of the FOP Labor Committee for many years which represented the MPDC bargaining unit, and last is the 70-17 winner of the fitness trophy, Terry Karnes.
Contact Us
Information and photos on the academy would be very much appreciated
Instructors of the past...
Officer George Gregory                                                                                                     1990-91  Dave Becton                                                       Sgt Hanbury - Admin Sg
Sgt Mengeis, Academy Firearms Instructor
Officers Leito, Jones and Tibbs. All were instructors at the academy. This photo was in the early 1990's
Officer James Dillion, administrator for the  M.P.D. Police Academy
Today's recruits receiving some intense training by dedicated officers of the M.P.D.
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Chief Lenier addressed MPDC recruits in   2007
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Class 87-5
Class #121
Class # 126
Class # 106

Here is some YouTube footage you may like to see with MPDC , some with their recruits.
Senior Police Officer David Becton, a 27-year veteran instructor at the Metropolitan Police Academy, recently completed his first triathlon. After finishing the 300-yard swim, 8-mile bike, and 5K run, SPO Becton said, "Crossing the finish line after the run and receiving my finisher’s medal was one of the most exciting (yet physically draining) accomplishments I have ever experienced." He hopes to inspire other members of the agency to commit to personal health and "train to survive." -Photos courtesy Richard Hardyenior Police Officer David Becton, a 27-year verteran instructor at the Metropolitan Police Academy, recently completed his first triathlon. After finishing the 300-yard swim, 8-mile bike, and 5K run, SPO Becton said, "Crossing the finish line after the run and receiving my finisher’s medal was one of the most exciting (yet physically draining) accomplishments I have ever experienced." He hopes to inspire other members of the agency to commit to personal health and "train to survive." -Photos courtesy Richard Hardy
Members of MPD’s Specialized Enforcement Branch provided Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) training to incoming MPD Recruits at the Metropolitan Police Academy in Southwest. Sergeant Alex Pope and Officer Gerald Anderson lead the classes in the instruction and have been providing regular training. New hires are required to participate in the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 32-hour certification course, designed to train officers in the detection and deterrence of impaired drivers. The most recent classes had a combined total of 46 newly SFST-certified officers. Here, Officer Gerald Anderson lectures to the recruit class. -Photo courtesy Alex Pope

In the halls of the Washington D.C. Police Academy rests this wonderful memorial dedicated to the members of the M.P.D. who never made it home at the end of their shift. These 116 badges of honor represent the sacrifice these men and women have made for the citizens of Washington D.C. and their guests. Wives left alone, children without one of their parents, officers who lose their partner, all in order to maintain civility, justice  and order in our countries capital city.
Most folks will never understand the pain and sacrifice these officers and their families had forced upon them.  All while trying to make a paycheck to feed their own family, let's pray is stays that way....
      HONOR                                                      INTIGRITY
The easy part is over now, the hard part is the next 30 years...
M.P.D.C.'s Tactical Village
After millions of dollars and many years of visionary the M.P.D.C. has recently completed one of the finest training facilities in the country. What is known as " The Village" proves to be one of the finest training tools in the history of the M.P.D.C.    I have seen The Village first hand and agree that hands on training at this level is the best a police officer can have. The Village and a good imagination will without a a doubt save lives. Not only police lives but civilian lives as well.  this is one of the best investments a police agency can make AND utilize.
8th District
Hands on Instructing !
Some of the 2006 FLETC Instructors: (top left photo) 1: L to Right: John Marino, Rick Redding, Larry Melton, Gene Woods, Bill Cunningham, Dorian Desantis, Kevin Flemens and Jim Kahler.  Not all instructors were present when this photo was taken.

We currently utilize THREE ranges: 

The Academy (for recruit training, some pistol and shotgun requals). 

FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) in Cheltenham, MD. (for the majority of semi-annual pistol requals {approx. 2800-3000 officers twice a year), A1 and M4 Patrol Rifle and some shotgun).  

Ft. George G. Meade in Ft. Meade Md., (for ERT rifle and specialty weapons trainings). Our current staffing is: Academy & Ft. Meade---8 Sworn, 3 Civilian, 2 Armorers, & 1 Sgt.----FLETC---3 Sworn, 5 Civilian, & 1 Sgt..