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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police                          M.P.D.
                   1980  to  1989
Failed hostage rescue in Iran  -  Attempt to assassinate President Reagan  -  M.L.K. Day becomes official  -  US Invades Panama  -  87 Marines Killed in Lebanon - Cold War Ends
M.P.D.'s   125th   Anniversary   1861 - 1986
Okay, I am a fairly open minded guy but when I see this all I can say is: WHAT THE ? This photo was in a 1984 yearbook. I am looking for some understanding, lol..
1980 to 1989
BlackSheep Productions 2009
President Reagan and Officer Pierce of the M.P.D.
1986 - The M.P.D. celebrate their 125th Anniversary
1981 - On March 30th when there is an assassination attempt on President Reagan Officer Thomas Delahanty is shot, ending his career as a Police Officer.
1982 - M.P.D. K-9 Dylan-2, was shot and wounded while he and his partner William Gregory chased after a robbery suspect at 14th and V street, N.W. Dylan-1 was treated by medics and taken by ambulance to the Friendship Animal Hospital. He survived the shooting, (MPD).
Francis Allman:
In 1980, a nationally renowned cardiologist surprised a burglar in his home. The burglar shot the doctor and fled.The doctor got in his car, drove towards the hospital, but spotted the burglar on the way. He ran over the burglar, crashed into a tree, and died. The murderer turned out t...o be Bernard Welch, an escapee from a New York prison who was a master stealth burglar. Subsequent searches of his homes yielded more than $4 million in stolen goods. Welch was convicted in this case, escaped from prison again, and resumed the burglary trade until he was recaptured six months later. Before the above line-up photo was taken, Welch changed his appearance by shaving his head. In the photo, he is wearing a cheap wig. I am number 6, Welch is number 5. I remember that when I saw Welch face to face, he emanated an aura of pure evil.
I was given the use of these pictures by Richard Manacle,  retired Detective from the  Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police . These are Detectives of the 4th District in 1989  assigned to work the Presidential Inauguration....
Dets. Arnold, Simpson, Manacle, Simmins and Yates
— at Dets, Arnold, Simpson, Manacle, Simmons and Yates.
Dets. Powers, Jackson,Simmons, Sgt Canty,Belisle,Witherspoon, Pruitt, Powell, Manacle,Ketterman and Clanagan

Detective Manacle on Pennasylvania Avenue 
Sergeant Ronald Foo - Cops find the darndest ways to relax....
Members of the 4th District Vice unit hanging out - late 80's
1980's Modern Day Motormen....
Contact Us
1980's flag raising outside the Second District
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Officer Leonard L. Johnson member of the  S.O.D.-E.R.T. Unit of the M.P.D.
Officer Synthia K. Brown with the S.O.D. Special Events Branch
Wade and Mike Sullivan 1-D Vice
Wade Sovonick  1-D Vice X-Mas party 1982-3
Working undercover on the bike...
1-D Vice working the Gay pride parade in uniform 1982-83
Members of the MPDC attend a re-certification class for Snipers 1983
Kevin Walsh of the M.P.D.C.  conducting some Sniper training, 1983
Mike Vitug assisting a lost child....
Lt. Mike Giovannhi
John F. Spenner of the M.P.D.C. talking with local shop owners. Getting to know the people is great as it builds a trust with the police and it's citizens.
1983 Juno Air Support in Action
Members of 1983's 3rd District
Photo provided to me by Jim Money. Some of these in the photograph include Jim Money, J.T. Ford,  Jacqueline Barnes,  Janice Roddy,  Charles Callis,  R.C. White,  Thomas Agee and  Willie Burton.
MPD Officer James Money had his likeness used in a painting by well known artist Fred Folsom. the painting is at the Shepard Park bar located at Eastern Ave and Georgia Ave around 1983. The establishment was later firebombed and destroyed.
To learn more about the artist Fred Folsom please visit his web site at:
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma. 

1D back in the late 80's.
Photo provided by John F Spenner
Photo provided by Regina Ford
1980's M.P.D.   "Line Up"
  Who is the cop and who is the criminal?
1980's 2D enjoying a few drinks, my understanding is the rookies thought they could out drink the veterans. I hear they were wrong.....
1985 M.P.D. Officers Joe Massey and Knowl Harmon
Lt. Newcomb, Rich Venganzo, Asst. Chief Charles Samarra, Judy Johnson and Sgt. Manuel Rivera