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Korean War   -  Schools Segregation Banned in US by S.C.  -  Rosa Parks   -   Eisenhower uses Troops to Desegregate Schools  -  Alaska and Hawaii Become States 
1950 to 1959
BlackSheep Productions 2009
1950 - Officers arrest 14,151 persons for intoxication, an average of more then 100 per day. This caused the courts to be overwhelmed with cases and brought about a fundamental change in intoxication was handled. 
1952 - Police Lieutenant Todd Thoman conducted a covert operation within the department, wearing a body recorder 
as he talked to policeman and police officials about gambling  and protection money paid to officers. Several racketeers and policeman were arrested, including a Captain, who was later sent to prison for his role in the protection scheme, (MPD)  
1955 - " Soda Pops Stops Cops " read the headline that described an incident in which private George Day was struck and injured by a soda bottle thrown at him by an irate U.S. Postal employee as he wrote parking tickets on G place, Northeast. The suspect , who was later found guilty of assaulting a policeman, had also thrown a second bottle at a scout car, causing a dent. The incident and conviction allegedly led to the brief stoppage of delivery of the Chief's mail. 
Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
                       1950  to  1959
Percy Legg below left and right,(also on the 40's page) is shown here
1957 Eisenhower - Truman Inauguration
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Photos left and right provided by the M.P.D.
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
Photo provided by the M.P.D.
1950's Funeral
1957's Father and Son's of the M.P.D.
Permission to use this photo was provided by:
As posted on the D.C. Times facebook page:
Steve Kimbell writes, "Thought some of the former DC cops here might appreciate this - a photo of my grandfather in 1952 calmly explaining to a couple of kids the dangers of dynamite as they were about to toss it over the Calvert St. Bridge. Can you imagine the response this would have received today?"
Officers Bill McKnight (left) and Bob Long on Patrol in 1953
1953's Streets of D.C.
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma.
M.P.D. officers Bill McKnight and Bob Long  in 1953 heading out for patrol...