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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police

The   2017   Presidential    Inauguration
     and the
        2017      Presidential Inauguration
Blacksheep Productions 2009
The year 2016 has been proven to have been one of the most interesting years that out country has experienced in a long time.   From the start of the Presidential debates all the way up to inauguration day has been stimulating, frustrating and exciting for many Americans. The brunt of all of that hit D.C. as the inauguration came forward on January 20th, 2017 and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police were the ones who had to physically deal both the inauguration & the rioting.. From a protesters point of view I would think they were happy with the reaction of the M.P.D.C. and how they responded. From the rioters point of view I think they were caught a bit off guard at the professionalism and strong competence of the M.P.D.C.

Below are photographs of the weekend some are calling  the " 2017 Inaugural Brawl  ".  I had many photos sent to me so if they are owned please let me know and I will either remove them or provide the photographer with their credit. This page is dedicated to all of the men and women who worked this event, especially those of you who were injured.

The M.P.D.C. did a remarkable job and Chief Newsham made  great leadership decisions to let the men and women do what they train so hard to do. Captain Robert Glover was constantly on the run making sure things all went as they were supposed to.  At the end of the day there were well over two hundred arrests and six M.P.D.C. officers injured. The moral was high and the M.P.D.C.  "stood their ground and protected their city"...... The citizens of the city should be proud of the D.C. Metropolitan Police.
The Inauguration:
The Rioting:
The Women's March:
The Aftermath:
The inauguration of the President of the United States has got to be one of the biggest logistical nightmares a Policeman could ever expect to be involved in. Miles of fence, thousands of chairs and tons of lumber. All of this is put in place with all of it being monitored by law enforcement for security reasons... 
There are many steps to preparing for the inauguration of the president, it starts months if not years ahead of time. The closer it get the more pressure there is and it is forever changing. There are many behind the scenes officers who are given a tremendous task that we seldom see.
Protesting at or during an inauguration is expected and respected by the M.P.D.C. But what is not excepted is to riot. The M.P.D.C. is one of if not THE, best trained in crowd control. Everyone wants their voice heard and where else to go for that then Washington D.C. Your voice is fine but your crimes are not. Destruction of private property and causing fear or injuries to others will not be tolerated by the city of Washington D.C. During the 2017 inauguration cars were set on fire, building were damaged and officers were sent to the hospital. There is no excuse for this and those arrested will be dealt with in the D.C. Court System. The M.P.D.C. did a great job in dealing with these violent criminals. They were professional and well managed in protecting their city and the people in it.
This event was much larger then expected. I think that's because so many organizations jumped on their bandwagon.  So much so that much that was intended to be a heard voice was drowned out by women dressed up as a vagina and carried vulgar signs. In the big picture it was to bad because they lost a lot of support or folks willing to listen to their cause because of it. There has also been issues with the organizer, Linda Sarsour who is believed to have connections with ISIS....
At the end of the day the weekend produced well over 200 arrests. There was damage was done to a lot of private property and the rioters gained zero support. The folks that were arrested were charged with rioting witch carries up to TEN YEARS in jail and a $25,000 fine. I think a lot of these people thought they would get a little fine and walk away feling like a hero. They were wrong.
The brain center for Metropolitan Police                                                                                             Capt. Glover worked endlessly in preparing for what was to come.               Capt. Larson oversee's the days events at H.Q.
And so it begins.....
Down Time:
The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police escort the Trump family to the White House prior to the inauguration for the traditional cup of tea.
                                                                 BEFORE                                                                                     The Transformation                                                                                                  DURING
Americas 45th President & First Lady
President Trump and the first lady walking the walk
The President and First Lady see the Obama's off
President Clinton and his wife were also in attendance enjoying the views. This included Presidents Bush (2), and Carter.
The D.C. Metropolitan Police Motor Unit has lead the Inaugural parade for decades. The side cars used here are not common in law enforcement anymore but a very traditional addition.
With events such as this there is a lot of hurry up and wait, so down time can be very discouraging. It's nice to see folks enjoying themselves a little when able to.
And then came the night....
This is the view from the hospital bed of a D.C. Metropolitan Officer who was violently assaulted during the weekend. He will survive his injuries and return to work, he was lucky. These criminals have to be dealt with to prevent them from injuring others.. They have their own agenda and do not care about others.