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Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police
                                 and the                                              Black - American Police Community
In 1968, Black American constituted 25% of the departments force and in 1970 constituted 35% of the departments force, the highest percentages of Black American police on a large scale department at the time. In 1978, the department the first police department in a major city in the United States to become majority African American. The department currently has one of the highest percentages of Black American officers amongst United States Police Departments, at 66%. The remainder of the department is 28% White, 5% Hispanic, and 1% Asia. Males account for 76% of the force while females make up 24%  (Wikipedia encyclopedia)
This is a book by and about Tilmon O'Bryant. It demonstrates his fight to excel in spite of the racism around him. He set an example of  how by not letting the hate directed at him beat him, but rather motivate him to be a better man and excel as a D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer 
D.C.'S  first women to be murdered in the position of a Police Officer was Black -American  Officer Gail Cobb. With only a short time on the department Officer Cobb was murdered with her own weapon.
Black Americans ON THE BEAT in Our Nations Capitol

This 1959 Photo of Officer R.Ross shows him training with his partner. Officer Ross is believed to be the first Black-American K-9 Officer with the MPDC
The below image was copied from the latest book printed for the 150th Anniversary of the  Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. 
The below image was copied from the latest book printed for the 150th Anniversary of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. 
   The Black American community of Washington D.C. have always had obstacles to overcome. From the days of the dirt roads throughout Washington  to the riots in the 1960's.  Advancement has always been either nonexistent or a struggle. In the mid 1950's the barriers began to fall. It didn't happen over night, it took decades. But due to men such as Tilmon O'Bryant, Burtell Jefferson, Owen Davis and many others, the opportunities became much more balanced.

   Below is a small amount of recognition to Black - American Officers of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police. I am hopeful that members of the MPDC will submit additional images and stories to put on the site. This is a new page and in the infant stage. Please don't judge to soon I have a long way to go with it..
1886 -  The FIRST   Black- American Police Officers with the MPDC were Charles Tillman and Calvin Caruthers.
1893 - The FIRST Black-American  Sergeant with the MPDC is Detective Henry Lacey
Over fifty years later Daniel Pittman was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.
1965- The FIRST Black-American Captain with the MPDC is Owen Davis. Davis was also the first Black American to be assigned his own precinct to run.

1969 - Owen Davis becomes a Deputy Chief
1978 - The FIRST Black-American Chief of Police with the MPDC is Burtell Jefferson
196? -  The FIRST Black-American Assistant Chief with the MPDC is Tilmon O'Bryant. 
1957- The FIRST Black-American Female Precinct Detective with the MPDC is Lucille McGraw. Detective McGraw was then promoted to Sergeant in 1967.
Chief Burtell Jefferson - The  very first Black American to hold the highest position on the Metropolitan Police
Officer Anne Clayton - (then Anne Halcombe) stands next to Deputy Chief  Owen W. Davis. Both were members of the Civil Disturbance Unit. At the time of this photo Deputy Chief Davis was the Commander of the Special Operations Division and the Civil Disturbance Unit.
19??- The FIRST Black American Female Homicide Detective was Romain Powell, later known as Romain Jenkins
Al Arrlington outside the Vista Motel, the location of the January 1990 sting that netted then D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. Arrington left the DC Police force in October 1993.  It takes courage to follow through with an arrest like this. Politics and Police are not a good mix no matter what police department it is...
A sneaky but smart Officer, decided to remove his badge rather then have it torn from his uniform while dealing with the crowd. Badges are considered a reward by the lower levels of life and when being forced to use force on subjects they often attempt to steal an officers badge.
An understanding supervisor is explained as to why the badge was removed.
BOO ! Don't be scared ! ! !
Pleased to meet you Mr. President
Respects to a fallen president.
Chief Ramsey
Interim Chief  Sonya Proctor
      Nov. 1997-April 1998
 Captain Own W. Davis
Davis reached the rank of Deputy Chief and was well liked by all who knew him.
( Image provided by Anne ( Halcombe) Clayton)

Charles H. Ramsey (born 1950), is the currently(2010) the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. Prior to assuming that post in January 2008, he had served as Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDC) from 1998 to 2006.In 1998, he became the MPDC chief. He has been involved in several high-profile cases as chief of police in America's capital city, such as the Chandra Levy murder investigation. He has also been in the spotlight since the September 11, 2001 attacks focused attention on security issues around Washington, D.C.
Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police application to the left and the above photo are those of  Noah Sedgwick.
BlackSheep Productions 2009
Black American Officers of the M.P.D.
Left to Right: Willie Armstrong - 3D,  Andre Lewis - 4D, Philip Parker - 4D, James "Doc" Blanchard - 5D,
 and Jerome Lucas of 6D, (one unknown) stand proudly in front of headquarters  in 1988.
Heroic Black American Officers of the M.P.D.
I was recently contacted by a man named William Howard. He informed me that, " All I have been told by family down thru the years is that he was 1st black Police Officer  at #3.

3rd precinct (to be shot) still on L St NW between 23rd St & New Hampshire Ave NW". I felt adding this information was proper. any additional information sent by Mr. Howard will be added. (4.7.2013)
Information provided by Robert Short - MPDC Retired
The first female to ride a motorcycle with the M.P.D.C. was Synthia Brown shown here in the 1984 M.P.D.C. album.
Published in the 1996 Summer edition of " Black Riders " magazine
P.O. Box 911
Foxborough, Ma.
Blown up views of these pages are available on the MPDC Homicide page